We provide MEP IR/PBN training on a Piper PA-34 200T Seneca airplane equipped with deicing equipment and a stormscope in addition to modern avionics (Garmin 430, Apollo MFD, HSI Sandel, autopilot).
We use Vodochody, Karlovy Vary, Ostrava and Brno airport for IFR approach training but we also fligh abroad (especially to Dresden, Leipzig, Hof, and Wroclaw).All our IR instructors have airline experience and are therefore highly proficient in instrument flying.

Course Objective

The goal of this course is the same as for IR SEP/PBN training, except that flying is done on a multi-engine aircraft.


• MEP rating
• SEP IR/PBN rating
• Prerequisites for SEP IR/PBN training (if you are not a holder of a SEP IR/PBN qualification)

Course Outline

For pilots who already hold an SEP IR/PBN and an MEP rating, we offer an MEP IR/PBN conversion course consisting of five flight hours on a PA-34-200T aircraft. For those who do not already hold a SEP IR/PBN rating and decide instead to do the whole IR training on a multi-engine plane, we offer a course consisting of 35 hours in a simulator (30 hours for CPL holders) and 20 hours on a PA-34-200T Seneca. The advantage of this approach when compared to an SEP IR/PBN is that you get more practical experience on multi-engine aircraft and you can skip the SEP IR/PBN skills test; on the other hand, the higher operating costs of multi-engine aircraft make this option slightly more expensive.


During the practical skills test, taken with a Czech CAA examiner, you will be expected to demonstrate your ability to fly safely and accurately under IFR and carry out instrument procedures on a multi-engine aircraft. Typically, approaches to Prague Vodochody and Karlovy Vary airports will be flown as part of the test.

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