Multi-Engine Piston aircraft training (MEP land rating) is intended for future professional pilots, or alternatively for those private pilots who intend to benefit from the convenience and safety advantages of twin-engine aircraft. The course, which consists of six flight hours on our PA-34-200T, may be attended by PPL or CPL holders with Medical Certificate Class 2 or higher. The minimum experience required is 70 hours as pilot in command (PIC).

Course Objective

The aim of the MEP course is to teach pilots to fly multi-engine aircraft under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).


• Ground school and test of theoretical knoledge
• Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot Licens
• Medical Certificate class 2 or class 1.
• 70 h as pilot in command.

Course Outline

You will first attend a short groundschool session convering the specifics of multi-engine aircraft, after which you will complete a multiple choice test.
The practical part of the training consists of a minimum of six hours flight time during which you will learn how to fly the aircraft on both engines and, more importantly, how to deal with emergency situations including engine failure. You will complete a number of maneuvers with only one operative engine.


The practical skills test consists of a flight of around one hour, accompained by a Czech CAA examiner, during which you will demonstrate your ability to safely operate a multi-engine airplane and correctly handle emergency situations.

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