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Flying school Aviatic Club (CZ/ATO-018) was founded as organization providing PPL(A) training and related qualifications (NIGHT, ACR, TOW). In 2007 Aviatic club was certified by Czech Aviation Authority as FTO providing CPL (A) and IR/SE trainings. In 2008 we were also certified for MEP and IR/ME which made portfolio of our trainings complete. In August 2011 we opened new base in Plzen-Line, in 2012 another new base in Pribram and in spring 2014 so far last base in Mlada Boleslav. In April 2014 we were successfuly certified by Czech Aviation Authority as ATO (Approved Training Organisation).

As one of few flying schools we offer quality standard of leading company mixed with friendly club environment.

For years we have been looking for a good compromise between a mass production sterility and unproffesional laid-back approach. We know we will never succeed in making everyone happy, however we try hard to avoid both of above mentioned extremes. You will never find shiny orange safety dresses when you enter the airport, our staff will never asky ou for 4 times what they can do for you today. However you will always have fully functional and clean airplane ready for you at agreed time together with capable and friendly instructor. We believe you will also find a group of „normal“ guys always willing to help at the airport.

Licences and qualifications

ATO licence enables us fully to undertake all training with our own instructors using our own airplanes (currently we operate thirteen of them). All airplanes we also rent to pilots. Our base in Plzen-Line is the first ATO in Pilsen region as well as in Carlsbad region offering IFR trainings.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) make sone of our key aktivity. This licence is simply ideal for free private flying in all the countries as well as it can be preceived as the very first step in your professional pilot career. To those interested in Air Traffic Pilot Career we will prepare such structure of modular training, that will ensurehe/she will receive all necessary qualificiations in lowests costs possible.

Thanks to our competitive advantage of employing permanent staff supported with external instructors (mainly coming from airline pilots), it is the client who sets timing schedule of his training with no limits. We fly every day. We use internet based system for making reservations.

Airplane s and Maintanence

We mainly use Cessnas and Pipers for our training flights. These airplanes are the most frequent planes used for trainings as well as turism. Safety is our highest priority. All our airplanes are equiped with GPS, VOR/ILS instruments and well as secondary radar responder.

All aiplanes are reqularly maintained fully according to EU Part 145 standards in Service center TomiAIR at Pribram airport and AirCzech at Chomutov airport.

Strictly keeping the costs at low level enables us to offer trainings at competitive prices. We require NO member fees, NO hidden costs and NO deposit payments. We require NO voluntary work or financial cover o fit.

New Basic Instrument Rating

Airplane booking

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Dear Pilots, Aviaticky klub starts BIR just as CB-IR thaoretical courses all year long. Both modules count on 80h of selfstudy combined with residential 2 day class in Prague. For more information on theoretical modules, differences between them just as enrollment contact HT.



Dear Pilots, Aviaticky klub proudly presents ELITE FSTD recently installed in LKRO premises. Certified as FNTPII generic device, it represents either PA28 Arrow (SEP) or PA34 Seneca III (MEP) flight envelopes, both in analog or glass variants. It has been approved for usage in IR-SE, IR-ME, CB-IR, …